EXPLORER - felfedező merülés

the explorer in you

What is EXPLORER dive

An explorer is someone who travels to places about which very little is known, in order to discover what is there.
In other words, with this dive you can bring the explorer in you to the surface on the one hand, and on the other hand you can discover the specialness and uniqueness of underwater life. This dive gives you a glimpse of the underwater world without having to take a diving course. Diving under the supervision of a diving instructor will surprise the diver with a real diving experience.

Who we recommand it to

For those who want to get more information about scuba diving, the completion of the course, and even the details, we can talk about it. This underwater experience is also good for those who are unsure of themselves and might want to try it out before starting the scuba diving course. Of course, we also recommend this to those who want to get a glimpse into the underwater world just once.  

It can also be a special GIFT OF EXPERIENCE

To participate in the program, you will receive a beautifully designed, A4-sized, digitally issued VOUCHER from us. The voucher is valid for 1 year, during which time the voucher can be used.
The voucher is anonymous, so of course it can be given to anyone as a gift.

exp1EXPLORER card

The participant of the dive receives a serially numbered, digitally issued ID card from the dive leader, which can be viewed in the UEF mobile application or on the admin.uef.hu website.
The ID card can even be shared on social platforms from the mobile application..

EXPLORER dive sites

During the winter season, diving takes place in the two-meter deep pool of the Lőver Uszoda in Sopron, while in the summer season you can try this unique experience in the Austrian Lake Neufeld (Neufelder See), located 30 km from Sopron.

What does the program include?

  • Brief theoretical knowledge of diving equipment used during diving
  • We will assemble it together and tell you what to pay attention to underwater
  • Getting dressed and entering the water with the help of instructors
  • Swimming on the surface to get used to breathing from the regulator
  • Descent and diving underwater. In this step, you will experience what real diving is like, floating, moving and breathing underwater
  • If you're good at it and after a few minutes you're ready to move under the water, you can try some of the exercises included in our diving course.

And you will receive underwater photos from us as a gift from your EXPLORER dive.


in Lake Neufeld - 38500 Ft
in Pool - 19500 Ft

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Bive buddy action

You can complete the course with a significant discount if you are not coming alone!

Klub információ

Diving Sopron búvárklub

9400 Sopron, IV. László király utca 4.
Kapcsolat velünk+36 70 3704686
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