Open Water Diver course

Open Water Diver (OWD) course

For adults, this course is the entrance to the world of diving. After basic diving skills, swimming pool exercises and open water dives, you will become an experienced independent diver.

By completing the basic diving course (OWD - Open Water Diver), you will get to know the basics of diving and gain knowledge about the health and physical effects of diving. You get to know the equipment used during diving and practice using it.

During the open water dives of the diving course, you apply and practice the theoretical and swimming pool knowledge and become a real diver.
After completing the diving course, you will be a welcome diver at all diving sites in the world.


You can complete the theoretical part of the course at your own time from home, using an internet connection and a computer. Pictures and videos make the material more accessible, and you will also have access to the self-tests for the chapters in order to prepare properly.


We place emphasis on the development of the participants' diving skills and on the practice of the tasks, therefore the training takes place in pairs of a maximum of two people in the water parts of the course


Learning the basics is not a complicated task and it does not take long. Ideally, this can be done over the course of a week, but if you don't have that much continuous time, it's not a problem either, because the diving course can also be completed in parts (theory, swimming pool, open water dives).


  • At least 14 years of age (those under 14 can apply for a children's diving course)
  • Medical fitness
  • Certain swimming skills, water safety

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Base package

159000 Ft
  • + online theoretical training
  • + theory exam
  • + swimming pool training
  • - open water dives

Normal package

199000 Ft
  • + online theoretical training
  • + theory exam
  • + swimming pool training
  • + open water dives in Lake Neufeld, Austria

Extra package

235000 Ft
  • + online and personal theoretical training
  • + theory exam
  • + swimming pool training
  • + open water dives in Lake Neufeld, Austria
  • + NITROX course



The open water diving part of the course is carried out at several external locations based on consultation with the participant (Lake Neufeld in Austria, Croatia, Egypt), so the chosen package does not always include the costs of open water diving (travel, entrance fees, equipment pass) (basic package) .


Upon completion of the course, you will receive your registered international diving card with your face for a separate registration fee, with which you will be a welcome diver anywhere in the world.


The Scuba Nitrox course is a certification course (included in Extra package) that teaches divers how to dive with enriched air, also known as nitrox or EANx. Nitrox contains less nitrogen than regular air, which means that breathing less nitrogen allows you to enjoy longer dives and shorter surface intervals. The course covers topics such as how to use an oxygen air analyzer, set your dive computer, and how to dive with nitrox safely.




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